Aqualung has been the leading diving brand for over 75 years and is a name you can trust.


Product registration

All Aqualung products have a lifetime warranty according to legal requirements.Register your Aqualung product to confirm you are the original owner so you get fast and easy service in the future.


Warranty's scope:

All our products are guaranteed for life against defects and manufacturing faults and are warranted as being fit for purpose, under European regulations (European directive 1999/44/EC) and the national regulations which supplement or replace them outside the European Community.


The terms of this warranty hold valid for the original purchaser for any purchases from the official sales network approved by Aqualung EMEA. These warranties are not transferable if the product is transferred to a third party. 

The warranty's coverage does not extend to damage caused by misuse, bad maintenance, negligence, unauthorised repairs, modifications, accidents, fire and normal wear and tear. Cosmetic damage, such as scratches, nicks and fraying when the product is out of its original packaging, is not covered by the warranty except when the product is new.This warranty does not extend to equipment used for professional or military diving.


Commercial warranty by product category:


Our regulators are guaranteed for life.

This warranty covers the original owner of the regulator against defects in parts or workmanship during the regulator's lifespan and if the regulator is:

1. Purchased from an authorised Aqualung EMEA dealer

2. Inspected or serviced annually by an authorised Aqualung dealer.


Vests have a five-year limited commercial warranty on welds and seams and a two-year limited warranty on accessories such as buckles, zips, D-rings, etc.


Instruments have a two-year limited commercial warranty that covers all electronic and mechanical instruments and a two-year limited commercial warranty on accessories and consumable parts. 


Neoprene masks, fins, snorkels, knives and equipment have a two-year limited commercial warranty.


Luggage and all other accessories in the Aqua Lung line have a two-year limited commercial warranty.


Wetsuits have a two-year limited commercial warranty.


Warranty claims

If you are the original owner of an Aqualung product that you have found to be defective in any way, please return it to the authorised Aqualung EMEA dealer from whom you purchased it. 

You must provide proof of purchase; a copy of the original invoice.If your local dealer declares that you have a valid warranty issue and is unable to resolve it at their site, they will refer it to Aqualung EMEA for evaluation.If you need help finding an authorised Aqua Lung America dealer in your area, please use the dealer locator.


Warning about unauthorised resellers

If you purchase Aqualung products from an unauthorised dealer, your warranty will be invalid and we cannot gurantee the quality and satisfaction offered by the Aqualung warranty programme. 

To check if a retailer is an authorised Aqua Lung dealer, please check our dealer locator.